Friday, February 17, 2017

Rosé-- The Forgotten Wine

When I ask our guests if they like Rosé, the most common response is "never really cared for it".  That's what I thought too until I came to the Finger Lakes. We have some of the most delicious Rosés anywhere--some are made from Cab Franc and others from Pinot Noir--both are superb.  I'm certainly not a wine expert by any means, but I do know what I like. Some of the Rosé wines I've tried from CA seem to have a high acidic aftertaste, I call them"vinegary" but I know that's not the correct wine tasting description but I'll bet some of you know what I mean. It's that lingering sourness that stays on your palate. Many of the Rosés in our area are somewhat fruity, dry and delicious!  So if you haven't had a good experience with a Rosé, make sure when visiting our area, you give them a try.  Some of my top favorites in the Seneca Lake area, Wagner, Lamoreaux, and Silver Thread. On Keuka Lake, stop by Point of the Bluff and give theirs a try. Don't put off tasting and buying the Rosé wines. Many wineries sell out by late spring.  Happy Tasting!      

Kim Wagner

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